This mode is suitable for customers who may have several cash points at one point of sale. Each terminal is connected separately to equipment, such as a printer, fiscal registrar. I Activation To activate you need to write to the mail – and indicate: Fill in a subject – Multiterminal; Text with a request […]

Online orders and how to create an online store in Sky Market

I Creation and customization To create and activate a store, go to the Admin panel – My applications – All applications – Sky Market , click in more detail In the pop-up window, you can see the images of the module, and see the description Click Add Activate the “Online sales“ Store Data Enter the name of your online store Also, enter the type of institution , […]

How to work with the terminal

I Log in to the sales terminal For the waiters to start accepting the first orders, enter the terminal for sales: Launch  the SkyService app  on your tablet or computer. Enter  login  – your phone number. Enter the  password that you specified during registration. Click  Sign In . Enter your  PIN . The default is 0000 II Add tables to the hall map You can add […]

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