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Credit period

Credit period – if you forgot to pay for the program, or if there are no funds. The program offers 4 days of credit period.

After the end of the subscription to use SkyService software and the absence on the current balance of funds that will open the next period of use of the program, you can activate the credit period:

  • In the section Settings – My balance – Personal account, a button will appear to open a credit period.

After clicking, a new period opens, on the terms of the current tariff plan, for a period of 4 days. During this time, you can continue to use the program and pay for it in any way possible.

After 4 days, the credit period will be closed, and the usual period will open with a reduction of 4 days that went to the credit period. But if the necessary amount does not appear on the personal account, then the program functionality of the program will be limited until payment.

Cancellation of a credit period is not possible.

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