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How to add goods to the order at the terminal

For the first sales, add goods / dishes to the check on the terminal
  1. I
  • Go to the SkyService app , enter the phone number and password
  • On the hall map, select a table
  • On the right side of the terminal, select a product / dish
  • After adding the item to the check, you can use the buttons to change the quantity of the item
    • “ + ” – adds one more item position
    • “  ” – removes the item / item from the check
  • Click Prepare / Pay
  1. II

Adding a Weighted Product

  • Choose a weighted item
  • In the pop-up window, enter the quantity (weight)
  • SkyService will calculate the total cost
  • Click To Cart
  1. III

To change the quantity / delete the item in the receipt after clicking on Cook

  • If the check has the status Cooking
  • Click on the product whose quantity you want to change
  • In the pop-up window, select Status – New

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