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How to connect a barcode scanner

  • We take a barcode scanner and connect via USB to the device ( Android , Windows ), a Bluetooth barcode scanner ( Android , Windows , IOS )
  • The barcode scanner works using keyboard input. It is automatically detected by the operating system and ready to go right away.
  • To add products using the barcode scanner, go to ” Menu ” – ” Administration ” – ” Products “, select the product, and scroll to the barcode block
  • Enter the name of the product, move the cursor to the barcode field and scan the barcode. We indicate the price, quantity, cost and mandatory click – Save .
  • We go to the pos terminal and scan the bar code, the system found the bar code and added the goods to the basket.
  • There are also other options for managing barcodes. We go into the admin panel, in the previously created product, scroll to the ” Barcodes ” block – add another barcode.
  • You can delete old barcodes.
  • You can go to the global “ Settings ” of the system: “ Basic ” and set the Allow the same barcodes for different products or “ Deny ” field
  • In a situation where you have the same barcode on different products, you can allow it. Thus, the system will find 2 products and offer you to choose one of them.

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