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How to create a delivery receipt?

The Pos-terminal SkyService has the ability to create a delivery receipt. If the client has a type of activity related to delivery, and it is necessary for the employee of the delivery department to issue a check, which will indicate the following data: phone number, address, full name, date and time of delivery.

How to create a delivery receipt?

  • In the Pos-terminal in the checkout panel, under the Total amount, click on the button –
  • In the Clients window, select the client you need
  • Click “Add”.
  • We form an order, for example “Pizza Pepperoni 32 cm”
  • Click at the bottom of the Pos-terminal under the Total amount on the button –
  • In the Client Information window, specify the following data:
    • Address;
    • Commentary on the order (indicate the delivery address, date, time and all the necessary information)
  • Click Save

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