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How to create a semi-finished product

  1. I
  • In the  Admin panel,   go to the  “Products” – “Add”  – select “Piece / Ingredient”
  • Write the name
  • Specify a Category , for example Food
  • In the parameters, we make sure that the Put up for sale checkbox is checked 
  • Quantity indicate 0 pcs.
  • We indicate the retail price per piece.
  • Click save.
  • We have in stock a donut product .
  • Before we sell a donut, we need to make it, for this we go there in Goods – “ Dishes ”.
  • Add – “Technical Data Sheet / Preparation”
  • We indicate the name, necessarily “ Production”, for example, “Production of Donuts ”
  • We indicate the composition. Those ingredients that will be included in our donuts. In the example, Dough is indicated, so this is how we put those initially. test card and it already pulled to those. map ” Production of Buns “
  • Be sure to specify the portion .
  • Click Save
  1. II


  • Need to create a “Production” Using the Technical Court “Production of Donuts ”
  • Go to the ” Initial ” section – in the ” Production ” panel
  • We pull up the Technical Court at “Donuts Production ”, indicate necessarily how many servings you will use and the Final Product, our goods from the “ Donuts ” warehouse , indicate the number of pieces.
Attention! The composition of the produced technical map should be in portions and have at the output 1 unit of manufactured goods.

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