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How to fill in the menu

Create a menu, fill with categories, goods and those cards Pos-terminal

What is the difference between products and routing?

Goods – finished products, without a recipe and additional ingredients, such as tomatoes, a bottle of water, cookies.

Routing are a dish or drink prepared according to a recipe from several ingredients, for example Caesar salad, latte, pizza.

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Create categories for products and routing

For more comfortable work as a waiter in the post-terminal, create categories:
For example, “Coffee”, “Hot dishes”, “Pizza”.

  • In the Admin panel, go to Settings → Categories and click on the Add button
  • Click on a category name to change
  • Click on a category and without releasing click move to the desired location
  • To download a category icon, click on the image of the camera
  • Additional buttons:
    • Button “+” – creates a nested category
    • Scissors button – cut / paste, to quickly move categories
    • Button ” Eyes ” – hides the category display in the post-terminal
    • Button ” Trash ” – deletes a category
  • Click Save 

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