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How to print of a forecourt?

Before paying for the order, the client has the opportunity to check the check, whether all the positions in it are entered and whether there are any extra items, check the price and the total amount of the order, SkyService has the opportunity to issue a forecourt, which the client will check, and then he will be able to pay it without a doubt.

To print of a forecourt:

  • In the Pos-terminal there is an order panel, below, under the total amount, notice there is a button with 3 stripes
  • Click on it and you will see a menu with a list from which you need to select “Print of a forecourt”
Presses 3 strips
Click “Print of a forecourt”
  • Enter the password (which the administrator added to the outlet card so that the employee cannot make a forecourt on his own)
  • The employee calls the administrator to enter the password, after which a forecourt comes out of the thermal printer, which is given to the client for preview.

Set Master Password

After setting the master password, the employee will not be able to print of a forecourt
It is recommended to issue the master password only to administrators and authorized persons.
  • In the Admin Panel – Settings – Trade points
  • Choose a Trade point
  • In the trade point card, scroll down the page
  • In the Master passwords block, in the Print of a forecourt field, enter your password.
  • Click Save.
  • It is possible to set a password to cancel the forecourt.
  • This makes it possible not to put a password on the forecount printing.
  • If the employee decides to after print receipt after typing it, he will need to enter the master password that you specified in the settings of the trade point.

How to give an employee the right to print a forecourt?

  • In the Admin Panel – Settings – Workers
  • Choose the required Worker
  • In the Worker’s card, click on the Permissions tab.
  • In the Permissions rights card, put a tick next to “Print of a forecourt”
  • Click Save.

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