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How to work with the terminal

The terminal is the workplace of the waiter or seller, the place where they will place orders, make discounts for guests, and accept payment of the order.
  1. I

Log in to the sales terminal

For the waiters to start accepting the first orders, enter the terminal for sales:

  • Launch  the SkyService app  on your tablet or computer.
  • Enter  login  – your phone number.
  • Enter the  password that you specified during registration.
  • Click  Sign In .
  • Enter your  PIN . The default is 0000
To find out or change the password for entering the terminal, in the admin panel, go to the Settings tab → Employees → Choose an employee → Edit Password, or PIN
  1. II

Add tables to the hall map

You can add the location of tables on it in the admin panel:

  • Go to the Settings tab   →  Hall  and click the Add button 
  • Enter the name and click add
  • Go to Settings → Tables
  • Select the Hall , to add a table to the map – click Add
  • Select a table and  move , also enter the name
  • Pinch and drag the bottom to any corner to  resize the  table
  • Select a table and click on the basket to delete the table
  • Click Add
If the institution offers dishes only takeaway, and does not need tables, turn them off.

To do this, go to  Settings → Sales outlets → Select a point , and then select No in the Tables field and save the changes.

  1. III

Spend the first sale

  • Select a  table  on the hall map.
  • Click on Product in the menu that appears on the right side of the terminal
  • On the left side of the terminal, you can delete or change the quantity
    • “ + ” To add the same product / dish
    • “  ” to remove the item from the check
  • Click Pay

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