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How to choose discounted products

  1. I
  • We go to the admin panel: “ Marketing ” – “ Discounts ” – at the top click “ Add ”
  • We indicate the “ Name ” of the discount in percentage or amount .
  • If we apply a discount to all goods, check the box “ Apply discount to all goods “.
  • Specify %.
  • Click “ Add “.
  • If you need to apply a discount to certain products, do not put a tick on all, but click “ Add ”.
  • We add all the necessary goods that will be used at a discount and click “ Save ”, and at the end click “ Add ”.
  1. II

Apply discounts at POS Terminal

  • Go to the POS Terminal .
  • Select the required Products and place in the Basket 
  • In the lower left corner, click on % and select the necessary “ Discount “.
  • After applying “ Discounts ”, the total amount will change with discount
  • And if you do not apply a discount to all products, but only to those that you consider necessary, then when you click on a product, the discount does not apply.

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