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Online orders and how to create an online store in Sky Market

Create your own online store in Sky Market, it will help automate online orders, arrange delivery, and pickup from the point
This is a great opportunity to attract new customers, retain old ones, and it will also facilitate communication with your customers.
  1. 1

Creation and customization

To create and activate a store, go to the Admin panel – My applications – All applications – Sky Market , click in more detail

  • In the pop-up window, you can see the images of the module, and see the description
  • Click Add
  • Activate the “Online sales

Store Data

  • Enter the name of your online store
  • Also, enter the type of institution , for example a cafe, a store, delivery pizza
  • Choose Site Interface Language
  • By default, our subdomain is used .skymarket.top “
  • The Web address field displays the name of your store that you indicated earlier, and you can also change it.
  • ☝🏼 If you want to use your subdomain, write the following data to the tech support chat:
    • Your subdomain;
    • Registration number;
  • Application processing takes up to 3 days
  • Choose the Point from which the menu will be uploaded to the site
  • If necessary, enter the Minimum order amount (if the check amount is less than the specified, the client will not be able to complete the order)
  • Enter the phone number and address, these data will be displayed on the website for communication
  • Choose the delivery methods that are convenient for you , and the possible choice of payment
  • If necessary, turn on “ Sound notifications in the POS-Terminal “
  • Describe your institution, it may familiarize the client with you
  • Create terms of delivery and payment so that the client can familiarize himself on the site
  • Click Save

How to view the site

  • After creating the store, you can go to the store and view your categories and those cards.
  • Click My Apps – Sky Market – Open
  • Unnecessary product categories, you can hide in the Settings section – product categories
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Online Store Order

  • Customer clicks on selected product/ dish
  • After the goods get into the basket
  • In the basket, the client can:
    • View the order list;
    • In the basket change the quantity of goods;
    • Remove product from the list;
    • See the price of the product, and the total amount
  • Customer clicks “Place an order
  • Indicates Name , phone number , and, if necessary, comment on the order
  • Customer chooses a shipping method
    • Pickup;
    • Delivery by courier, and indicates the address
    • Delivery service, and indicates the address
  • Choose payment
    • In cash
    • Card payment to courier
  1. 5

Ordering at the POS Terminal

  • In the POS terminal with an audio notification, an order comes
  • If there is a table layout in the POS terminal , select the table initially
  • Click Accept Order
  • After accepting the order, it is displayed at the selected table earlier
If the client has not previously made orders at your institution, his data is added to your customer database

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