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Packing of goods

Use product packaging to add deliveries to your warehouse faster. For example, you have received a box of wine from 6 bottles of 0.75 l each. Indicate the packaging capacity, and SkyService POS will calculate the amount of wine in a liter.

How to create a package

  • In the Admin panel, go to the Home section, select the desired outlet (if you have several of them), and click Arrival of goods
  • Fill all necessary fields;
  • Choose a product;
  • Click “Add tare/container”
  • Select the Type of container:
    • Box;;
    • Barrel;;
    • Bag;
    • Bottle;
    • Box;
    • Roll;
    • Package;
    • Kipa.
  • Enter Capacity
  • Click Add
  • Specify the number of items, for example, how many bottles of wine were in the box, and SkyService will automatically calculate in l, ml, kg, g.
  • After the packing will be saved, and it will be possible to select it only for the goods with the same unit of measurement
  • Click Perform

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