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Undoing and Deleting Operations

Due to numerous requests from customers, and also fixing a violation of working with financial statements, the SkyService team temporarily removed the ability to delete a refund receipt, cancel a fiscal receipt PRRO in the admin panel, write off funds from the cash register in the “Goods arrival” document

Why removed?

Deleting a refund receipt

Unfortunately, our clients have experienced abuse of their staff in the operation of the program. The employee could return the check, and then delete it in the program for their own personal purposes.

Cancellation of the fiscal check PRRO

In case of canceling a fiscal receipt in the admin panel, the check was canceled only in the program, but not in the tax one, in order to minimize errors when working with the tax, this feature was removed.

Cancellation of a regular check is still available in the administration section, a refund on a fiscal check of the PRRO must be carried out in the post-terminal.

☝🏼 In the admin panel, you can view the check and open it in the SFS.
☝🏼 How to return a fiscal and non-fiscal check, you can see in the lesson How to return a check from the admin panel and pos-terminal

Write-off of funds from the cash register in the receipt of goods

This option was temporarily removed for more correct work with finances and cash discipline. SkyService support was fixed among customers that there are problems when working with the cash register and not knowing the CD*.

To minimize errors and problems with the cash register and fiscal reporting, this option was removed.

How to correctly conduct the receipt of goods and write-off of funds –

  • You need create an account, if not created
  • At the POS terminal, the cashier at the end of the shift, or during the shift collects funds to the account
  • After you create a receipt of goods and indicate “to write off the funds”, and in the list select the account from which the debit for the receipt will take place.

☝🏼 Write-off of funds from the cash desk is available in the pos-terminal window. Please check out, how to conduct the arrival of goods in the POS-terminal

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