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Wi-Fi-tulostimen asettaminen pos-sektoriin

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Software instruction (software interface, as in the picture below)
Download Wifi Setting Tool

  1. 1.1
  • The “ Choose Printer Port ” option allows you to select the port that you use for the connected printer
  • “LAN Port Address” is the IP address of the printer.
  • The LAN port, IP address and data transfer rate can be obtained during the self-test of the printer (Self-test)

Steps to print a Self Test page:

  • Insert paper into the printer.
  • NOT including the printer, hold down the FEED button on the printer and hold it.
  • While holding down the FEED button, press the printer’s power button as soon as
  • The red and blue LEDs light up – release the FEED button.
  1. 1.2
  • The “ Default Codepage ” parameter can change the printer’s printing – language, different countries and regions can set the language (code page) to achieve the language and character printing as you need
  1. 1.3
  • “ WIFI Parameter Set ” is an option with which you can set the WIFI port.
  • Parameters, you can set WIFI mold, network name, STA and AP operation mode and other parameters.
  1. 1.4
  • The Print Test can simply check whether the printer is connected correctly or not.
  1. 1.5
  • ” Restart WIFI ” restart WIFI printer and save data
  1. 1.6
  • « WIFI area the Reset Factory » restore factory settings Wi-Fi settings
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Шаги настройки Wifi:

  1. 2.1
  • Enter the Wi-Fi Name (displayed on the check) in the text box for “ Connect to WIFI SSID ”
  • Click “ Connect to WIFI ”
  1. 2.2
  • Enter the network password (like your router) in the test field for “ WIFI SSID ”.
  • “ Password ”, then click “ Enter SSID Password ” when the printer prints “ Successful Password Set ” means successful installation.
  1. 2.2
  • Enter the IP-address, subnet mask, and gateway required by default
  • Set up the printer in the check window for “ Static parametr ” (default format: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, for example:
  •,,, then click “Parameter Set” to
  • save the information on the printer, wait for the printout of the “ parameter set ” success. Static “means that it is configured successfully, otherwise you need to repeat the settings.
  1. 2.3

“ Mode printer ” is a set of printer modes that can

configure the printer as: AP mode, STA mode, AP + STA mode

  • If you need to connect a terminal device (for example, a cell phone, tablet, laptop or PDA) to a printer for printing, please set the printer mode to “ AP mode ”.
  • If you need to connect the printer to a specific network, print the data provided by the terminal equipment (for example, a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PDA) through (a switch or relay routers and other equipment) then sent to the printer for printing, please install the printer model ” STA mode “.
  1. 2.4
  • Press “ Restart WIFI / Restart WIFI ”, wait until the green color of the printer decreases and the red indicators light up; red lights indicate the WiFi printer is ready, a green light indicates that the printer is connected to the network.
  • If abnormal, the printer may be restarted to make the settings valid. You can verify that the installation was successful by printing a self-test page.
  • Now the user can select the configured IP address of the printer for normal
  • Print out .

Download Wifi Setting Tool

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