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Add Label Printer

Print labels from the SkyService program, select the fields that will be displayed on the label with the required size
Label printing is only possible with Windows and Android

☝🏼 SkyService supports label printing on HPRT LPQ58 / 80 printers, as well as printers that support the TSPL or TSPL2 protocol.

Install the printer driver. The setting is individual for each device. Contact the supplier of the equipment or find out on the official website of the manufacturer

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Adding a Printer

  • In the Admin panel, go to SettingsDevices, click Add
  • Enter a Name, such as a Label Printer, or your printer model
  • In Type, select Label Printer
  • In the Connection block:
    • choose a manufacturer – HPRT;
    • choose a model – LPQ58/80
    • operating system connection – Winodws/Android;
    • connection method – System label printer
  • Download and install SkyService Desktop
  • After starting SkyService Desktop, in the Connection settings section, in the system printer field, select your printer from the drop-down list.
  • In the Basic block, specify the following data:
    • Label Width (12 mm – 216 mm);
    • Label Height (25 mm – 60 mm);
    • Resolution (180 dpi – 600 dpi)
  • Select the fields that will be displayed on the labels – Name, price, barcode, * description
  • Click on the test print button, and click Save.
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Label printing

☝🏼 After adding the printer, you will be able to print labels in the Products section

  • In the Admin panel, go to the section ProductsAll products / Warehouse goods / Process cards / Services / On sales
  • Mark the required products and click on the label printing.
  • Select a label printer (if there are several)
  • Choose amount of product labels
  • Click Print
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Label example

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