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How to set up a receipt printer on Windows

  1. I

Install the printer driver. The setting is individual for each device. Contact the supplier of the equipment or find out on the official website of the manufacturer

Driver for your printer –


Driver for Printer POS 58 (Windows)

Driver for Printer POS 80 (Windows)

Xprinter –

Xprinter POS Printer Driver for Receipt Printers

  1. II

Go to the Control Panel -> Equipment and Sound (optional) -> Devices and Printers

Как настроить печать на SkyService POS
  1. III

Right-click on the desired printer and select Use as default

Как настроить печать на SkyService POS
  1. IV

Download and install ” SkyService POS “

  1. V

For the program to work, you may need NetFramework4. The installer will notify you if it is not in the system.

  1. VI
  • Fill in all the fields in the created printer card –
    • Printer name;
    • Device type – printer;
    • Select the manufacturer and model of your printer;
    • Operating system – Windows;
    • Connection method – System printer;
  • In the connection settings block –
    • In the system printer field – select your printer driver that you installed at the beginning of the lesson

For other problems, contact technical support.

How to set up printing on SkyService POS

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