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Create a bonus loyalty program

The bonus loyalty program is a system of stimulating and rewarding regular customers, based on the accrual of bonuses for purchases at the institution.
  • In the Admin panel , select the desired outlet (if you have several) and go to the Marketing – Bonus Program section , click Add
  • Enter Name
  • Choose the type of Discount:
    • Accrual of funds;
    • % of the check amount
  1. 1

Accrual of funds

  • In the “ Goods subject to discount ” block, click the Add button
  • Mark products and click Save
  • In the table of selected products, fill out the Bonuses column (the number of bonuses that will be credited to the client’s balance when purchasing this product)
  • Click Add
  1. 2

% of the check amount

  • In the “ Parameters ” block, in the Bonus size field, enter the percentage of the bonus (this percentage of the check will be received by the client on his bonus balance)
  • Click Add

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