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How to accept bonus payments

☝🏼 How to add a client in the admin panel
☝🏼 Create a bonus loyalty program

In the presence of customer bonuses, he can pay the full cost of the goods

The customer has bonus funds of $ 100, the product costs $ 90, he can pay with bonuses all the goods, and $ 10 will remain on his bonus account, if bonuses are less than the cost of the goods, payment with bonuses is not possible.

bonus payment example

Bonus payment

  • In order to accept payment with bonuses , select a client in the POS terminal
  • Choose a bonus loyalty program :
  • Click Payment
  • Payable before deducting bonuses $ 100
  • Click Bonuses
  • In the window Write off bonuses, select the amount of goods the amount of which you want to write off with bonuses
  • Click Save
  • Payment will be $ 0 , click Pay
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Reporting bonuses by client

  • In the Admin Panel, go to Statistics – Loyalty Program – Bonus;
  • If necessary, select a client in the filter block;
  • In this report you can view –
    • Writing off bonuses;
    • Accrual of bonuses.

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