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An inventory is an inventory of the store’s inventory with the goal of reconciling the actual availability of the product with the quantity reflected in the program. The results of the inventory show whether there are problems in the store or not.
Inventory is recommended to be carried out after the shift is closed, and on the same day the counting of goods in the warehouse

Inventory can be carried out by:

  • all goods
  • workshop
  • categories
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How to take an inventory

  • In the admin panel, go to the Start section
  • In the Create a new document section, click on Inventory
  • Choose which products you want to inventory
    • for all goods
    • in the shops
    • by category
  • Click Create
  • In the column Actual balance, enter the quantity of goods in stock at the moment
    • “Green” allocation – the actual balance is equal to the planned balance
    • “Yellow” highlight – the actual balance is greater than the planned balance
    • “Pink” highlight – shortage of goods
  • Click Run
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Inventory report

  • After you have completed the inventory, go to the Statistics – Inventory section;
  • Click on the required inventory;
  • Choose what type of price you need a report for –
    • at cost;
    • at retail price;
  • In the inventory card, you can view –
    • Total positions with discrepancies;
    • Amount of shortage;
    • Resort amount;
    • The amount of the shortfall with the deduction of resort.
  • The report provides 3 blocks of the revision result
    • With discrepancies (actual quantity of goods from the planned remainder);
    • Without disagreements (the actual balance coincides with the planned balance);
    • Not conducted (the actual balance was not indicated for these goods).
With discrepancies
Without disagreements
Not conducted

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