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How to add goods by weight/bottling

Goods – products in finished form, by weight, without recipe and additional ingredients, such as cookies, cucumbers
The name of the product, ingredient, service and technical card must be different
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To add goods by weight:

  • In the Admin panel, go to the section Products → Warehouse goods
  • Click on the Add button.

Select Weight / Filling in Product Type

  • Enter the name of the product, select the category and workshop
  • If necessary, select the product icon – by clicking on ” Upload photo “
  • Choose Unit (e.g. pcs, kg, g)
  • The price is indicated depending on the Unit , if KG – indicate the price for 1 kg , if the unit in grams – then the price is indicated for 1 g
  • Enter Cost , and Markup , or Price
  • Click Add
Enter the Minimum balance – purchase reminders (when the minimum balance is reached), the quantity of goods will be highlighted in yellow

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