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How to set up runners printing

Runner – the order that the kitchen receives from the waiter in the form of a receipt printed on a thermal printer

You can view how to configure printer printing in this Lesson

  1. I

Enabling the print slider function:

  • In the Admin panel, go to the Settings – Sales outlets section , select the desired point (if there are several)
  • In  Cooking (sliders / screen),  click  Yes
  • Click Save
  1. II

Go to the Settings – Devices section , select the printer on which the slider will be printed

  • Choose What to Print – Only runners / check and runners
  • Choose a workshop whose goods / dishes should go to the slider
  • Click Save
  1. III

How to send a slider to the kitchen / bar:

  • Go to the Pos terminal , select the Table
  • Select the goods in the check, on the right side of the pos-terminal
  • Click Make

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