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Add stock: discount percentage on promotional items

In the  Admin panel,  go to the Marketing  –  Promotions section  , click  Add

On the opened window of the created share, enter:

  • Name of shares
  • Choose the date of the start of the action, the end date of the action
  • Choose the days of the action
  • Enter the time of the action

In the  Promotion Terms :

  • We select the triggering conditions (all conditions at the same time, any of the conditions)
  • Choose a promotional item and how much should the stock trigger

The  result of the promotion :

  • Choose what the client receives (bonus products, a fixed price with a discount on each promotional item, percentage of discount on promotional items )
  • Enter  discount amount
  • Choose who  participates in the promotion  (all customers, only registered)
  • Click  Add

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