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How to create a modifier

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Modifiers are additional ingredients, products for those. cards.
For example, those. the card is “Coffee Americano,” and the modifier is “milk.”

To add a modifier:

  • In the Admin panel, go to the section Products – Tech. cards and select the desired tech. a map
  • At the bottom of the window are those. cards have a Modifiers block , click Add modifier
  • Enter Modifier Name
  • Choose how many modifiers you can choose when selling this one. cards
  • To search / add, just enter the first letters of the name
  • Enter quantity and price
  • Click Save
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Modifier in Pos terminal

  • In the Pos terminal, select the dish to which you added the modifier earlier
  • In the Modifiers window, select the required modifier (if there are several of them)
  • To remove the modifier, click on the number in the red circle
Modifier not selected
The modifier is selected
  • The selected modifier is displayed under the dish, drink

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