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ABC analysis: will help you find out what the business earns the most

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of the profit comes from 20% of the goods.
ABC analysis – analysis of goods that helps
unmistakably identify the same 20%

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A little about ABC-analysis

Effective use of ABC analysis can increase the revenue of an establishment with an existing flow of guests by 30-40%.

Group A – the locomotive of the establishment

Products from group A – the locomotives of your establishment, bring the maximum profit. Your business will suffer great losses if goods from group A, for example, are not in stock. They should be given maximum attention and control.

Group B – stable sales

Group B – positions that provide good stable sales. These positions are also important for the establishment, but they can be controlled at a more calm and moderate pace.

Group C – do not generate income

This is the least important group of positions in your establishment. Either they do not generate income, or they drag the establishment down.

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For analysis in SkyService POS, you only need –

  • fill in the menu / create products
  • start selling
  • all necessary data will appear in the ABS-analysis section.

You can generate ABC-analysis by product, and also by product category

  • In the admin panel go to Statistics – ABC
    • Products
    • Product categories
ABC-analysis by product
ABC-analysis by product category

In SkyService POS, you can do ABC analysis:

  • by percentage of revenue
  • by percentage of quantity.

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