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How to add a dishes

Technical card is a dish or drink prepared according to a recipe from several ingredients, for example Caesar salad, latte, pizza.
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To add Technical card:

  • In the Admin panel, go to the section Products → Dishes
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Enter the name of the product, select a category
  • If necessary, select the product icon – by clicking on ” Upload photo “
  • In the Options, choose whether to set dishes for sale
  • Choose a Workshop – contributes to the print function of “ runners / meetings ”
  • Enter the name of the composition
  • We add the composition of the dish (routing), to add the composition to the name field, enter the name and press enter, a dialog box will open in which you enter the new position of the composition. We indicate the units of measure: pcs., Kg., Gr., L., Ml., . If indicated then you need to also add the weight of the unit, then the cost and the minimum balance (needed to control balances and reminders about the need to replenish the warehouse)
  • Press the “ Create ” button , the ingredient is added to the warehouse and is indicated as part of the routing.
  • If an ingredient has already been added to the warehouse, then to search / add it, just enter the first letters of the name or:
    Find out more about how to add the ingredient to the warehouse
  • We indicate the price of this position, as well as indicate the format in which the goods are sold (portion, 100 g., 100 ml.)
  • If you click on the green “+” button under the composition, we will get a clean composition that must be entered from scratch, when you click on the red button with a cross , deleting the position of the composition. If there is a need to copy the composition with a further minor change, you can click the Copy button, which greatly simplifies the process of introducing new compositions.
  • Click Add
Each new composition (modification) is a separate technological map, and is taken into account in the number of technological maps of your tariff
  1. II
Modifiers are additional ingredients, products for those. cards.
For example, those. the card is “Coffee Americano,” and the modifier is “milk.”

To add a modifier:

  • In the Admin panel, go to the section Products – Tech. cards and select the desired tech. a map
  • At the bottom of the window are those. cards have a Modifiers block , click Add modifier
  • Enter Modifier Name
  • Choose how many modifiers you can choose when selling this one. cards
  • To search / add, just enter the first letters of the name
  • Enter quantity and price
  • Click Save

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