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How to add an employee (access rights, access to warehouses)

Each number (account) in the system has its own account. That is, you can be as an owner or as an employee, but in both cases you have a personal office.

Adding an employee takes place in several stages:

  • The employee must register on the authorization page if he is not registered in the program.
    • If the employee already has his own personal account, he just needs to go to the authorization page and enter the program.
  • Add an employee in your own account.
    • To see how to do this, scroll down the page a little.
  • After successfully completing points 1-2, the employee will receive an invitation in his office.

☝🏼 How to create an account in the program

  1. 1

Adding an employee:

In the Admin panel, go to Settings – Employees , click Add

  • Enter Name
  • Enter the PIN code to enter the terminal
  • Configure Access Rights , and Warehouse Access
  • Click Save
  1. 2

Setting Permissions

  • In the pop-up window, check the Permissions checkbox.
  • Click Save
  1. 3

Warehouse Access Setup

  • In the pop-up window, check off Access to outlets
  • Click Save
  1. 4

Invitation to the company

  • After successful registration and successful creation of the employee’s card, the employee enters the login (his phone number) and password.
  • An invitation from your company should appear in your personal account.
  • Next, you need to accept the invitation from your company, after which you can enter the account (company).

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